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Star Trek Online - Nemesis Corps Fleet
Nemesis Corps Fleet was founded by veteran Star Trek Online captains, for new and expert captains alike who aim to enjoy a fun and exciting game experience within Star Trek Online.

We offer support and assistance when needed, and a fun place to socialize, trade, and learn together. You'll never be held back in Nemesis Corps, and always have access to top tier gear without arbitrary restrictions.

We are all about being a fun fleet without pressure, or strict rules to follow so, please join us, and invite your friends, or even alt-characters (we welcome them too).

Our FLEET and ARMADA chat channels are always active and there is always someone available to socialize, team up, request help, or ask questions from both Nemesis Corps fleetmates or, from our allies in the larger Armada community.

Our armada Discord voice, and text chat channels enhance gameplay for our members and the members of allied fleets.

-UFO- Member Fleets
United Fleet Operations • Nemesis Corps • By Riker's Beard
Expeditionary Taskforce • Mythical Legion • Section 31 Delta Force
Ferengi Commerce Authority • 9th Expedition Fleet
The N17 • Sisterhood of the Naughty Space Vixens • The Forgotten Renegades
Bloodwine Vanguard (KDF) • House of Bellonda (KDF)
  vonwolfie2: Welcome McVittie's Marauders, and the Forgotten Renegades to the UFO Family!
  vonwolfie2: == Important Links == Armada Website: Armada YouTube Channel: Discord invite Link: Nemesis Corps Fleet Rules:
  vonwolfie2: Q's Winter Wonderland starts December 3rd. Join us for fun, games, contests, and terrible jokes. You can even win prizes!
  vonwolfie2: Welcome The N17 Fleet to the UFO Armada!
  vonwolfie2: 2019 Summer event is nearly here! July 2nd - August 15th. Grab your updated T6 Risian Corvette and join us for exclusive events for UFO Armada Members!
  vonwolfie2: The AFA has now become the United Fleet Operations, (UFO). Our fleets are recruiting, so join us today!
  bubbletip: Hola All you wonderful Nemesis comrades! :)
  vonwolfie2: Anniversary Event Starts tomorrow 1/23/19. & Roleplay group now forming!
  vonwolfie2: Happy 2019! We look forward to seeing you all in-game!
  vonwolfie2: The Elachi Return. Starting 8AM on 12/20/2018. Bonus Marks event -
  vonwolfie2: The Mirror Escort Carrier [T6] is an all-new starship being added to the Infinity Lock Box
  vonwolfie2: Q's winter wonderland is active. Check your event tab in-game for armada events, and giveaways.
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