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#13886876 Oct 26, 2018 at 01:07 AM
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Hello Nemesis Corps;

Just a quick reminder, that all members of the -AFA- armada can sign up for Zen Giveaway on the discord server. Just join the discord server and go into the Comps-and-giveaways channel and click the party horn 1 time. (multiple presses cancel out) discord invite link is,
This event is presented by our Armada Sponsor, Mike Hunt, of The Insidious Order.

Also, my friend and XO of Nemesis Corps has returned to the game, so please introduce yourself to @skullshotfmj and ask him to do his Mr. Meeseeks impression. Even though, he is still getting reacquainted with the game, he is always willing to help anyway he can.

Please make sure your fleet channel and armada channel is configured so that you can tell which one is active at a time. They default to similar colors so it can be difficult. You can configure your chat panel with the gear icon next to the chatbar and select Chat Settings.

Finally, we are growing so fast, and I'm running out of hats. So I would like to ask for volunteers to take on an officer position within Nemesis Corps to represent the fleet, and AFA armada to help lighten the load. Specifically we are looking for some who can be a recruiter for the fleet, host special events in-game (you know the ones), and help out with monitoring the chat channels.
If you are interested please reply to this mail and let me know if this is something you would be be interested in.
(Note: you will now be a fleet officer and not eligible for any giveaways or contests in the game or discord, and you will need to be familiar with discord and join us there
for command meetings.)

- @johnvonwolfies
Admiral, Nemesis Corps
-AFA- Command