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#13891172 Nov 01, 2018 at 07:17 PM
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Hello Nemesis Corps!

The zen giveaway for fleet contributions has ended, T'Lissa@thunderwolf#4182 has won the 2000 zen prize with nearly half a million in contributions. Thank You T'Lissa, and congratulations!

Our second prize of 2000 zen, is to be awarded to the best ambassador to Nemesis Corps and the AFA armada. This was a much more difficult decision because all of you have contributed so much, and helped out in so many ways, each of you truly deserves recognition, and thanks. But the player who stands out the most and has always been there to welcome new players, offer advice, and a guiding hand is Elrissa@Ogremerc. Elrissa is a shining example of a team player, that we should all try to emulate.

Lastly, Kirk@gman20119#7490 has expressed interest in becoming a fleet officer, so we will be assigning him to be our Chief Recruiter while we put him through the paces, in preparation for an XO position.

Admiral, Nemesis Corps Fleet
Commander, Allied Fleets Assembly Armada