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For those who have recently joined us, Welcome to Nemesis Corps.
We are an active, friendly, and social fleet.
We are casual, and fun, and we don't have lots of complicated rules.
Details are available here:

We are always willing to help eachother, either answering questions as best as we can, or teaming up to kill that difficult baddie as quick as possible. :)

Promotions are based on contributions to the fleet, but we don't just measure contributions by fleet marks.
Your activity, and participation in fleet/armada events, fleet and armada
chat channels and/or discord, and being helpful to other players contributes too!
Discord Invite link:
Each fleet in the Armada follows a set guidelines that are armada-wide (available in the discord channel).
And, every fleet within Armada has its own fleet policies
and since we don't want a bunch of rules, please be good to eachother and help maintain a fun and welcoming community.

If you need something, all you need to do is ask! We work together as an Armada so make sure your armada channel is open
(and configured for convenience. Default has the same colors for both fleet and armada chat channels).
Keep an eye out for fleet mails like this, the events tab, and discord channels for information, and announcements.
We have lots of fun stuff planned in the very near future and we don't want anyone to miss out.

Thank you, and again welcome!
Admiral, Nemesis Corps.
Armada Command

== Important Links ==
Armada Website:
Armada YouTube Channel:
Discord invite Link:
Nemesis Corps Fleet Rules: