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#13917481 Dec 07, 2018 at 03:06 PM
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We AFA Commanders invite all to join us for our first Armada Wide Events Month.

During the month of December there will be various events at different times and locations within Star Trek Online. Please consult your events tabs for more information and details of these events. Keep your Armada Chat Channel tuned in for surprise events !

The Allied Fleets Assembly will be hosting a RAFFLE for 3 Fantasic Prizes !
1st Prize: 900 Lobi Store Winners Choice !

2nd Prize: Infinity Lockbox T6 Ship Winner's Choice !

3rd Prize: Vanguard Starter Pack
All you need to do is donate (in full) 5 million EC to your own fleet !
You must advise your Fleet Commander of your donation by mail and receive written confirmation your entry has been recorded. Doing so get's you one entry for this raffle ! Multiple entries are encouraged. 5 Million EC = 1 Entry
All donations to fleets must be in full 5 Million denominations.

Raffle entries can begin on the 1st of December until the 30th of December.
Raffle Results will be announced on the 31st Dec. 12 noon PST.

Please look for more detailed emails on different AFA events in the comming days !

Try to make sure your email isn't full for future fleet mails.

AFA Armada Events Disclaimer:
All proceeds for the -AFA- raffle event go back to the benefit of EVERYONE in the Armada at large. All for one and one for all!

All winners must be in the AFA
Leadership is exempt from all events.
Raffle is open to all members and XO's in the AFA.
XO's and Leadership is exempt from daily events.
Raffle winners are exempt from Main Prize winnings.
Main Events are limited to 1 Prize per Event Per Day Per Account.
All prizes are not negotiable or subject to change or substitution.