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Hailing all AFA'ers!

With the STO Anniversary event fast approaching (1/23/2019), we have a couple of announcements.

The Mirror of Discovery update will expand on last season's Age of Discovery story, this time with the Mirror Universe! In addition to new missions, MoD will introduce the Emperor's Lockbox (, and the new personal endeavors system.
The new endeavor system is an account-wide progression system that is in addition to the current endeavor system.
Also the Anniversary Event will reward a long awaited T-6 Vulcan Scout Ship! Also keep your eyes out for C-Store freebies during the anniversary!

If that wasn't enough to keep us busy, the AFA Command Staff is excited to announce our official AFA Roleplay Group! The AFA Aegis First Defense Fleet group is forming now, with a tentative start date of 2/1/2019, and is open to all members! We have set up the in-game chat channel -AFA- RP Group (type "Channel_join -AFA- RP Group" into your chatbar to join), and the AFA Aegis First Defense Fleet voice channel on the AFA Discord Server (

There are lot's of fun activities planned including special events just for the RP group, so if you are interested in joining the Roleplay group, or would be interested in helping us get the word out to other players in-game, please let us know! The RP group will be lead by AFA XO's Roger Wilco, Skullshot, and Brochius.

Thanks for being part of our community, and as always, if you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please let us know! Have fun, and see you in-game!

Admiral, Nemesis Corps.
Commander, AFA Armada.