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Every fleet in the AFA works together as a community. We are a team, and we help each other as much as possible. Questions often come up about promotions, fleet credits, and holdings management. Today, we're going to answer some of those questions.

The first thing to remember is each fleet in the armada has different policies, but at the most basic level, they operate the same - for the benefit of all members of the AFA.

The most important rank in any fleet is the first promotion that opens access to fleet stores. How you get there, and the title you receive may vary, but rank #2 is where you want to be. You'll achieve that first promotion by contributing to your fleet, and helping the Armada to grow.

In order to purchase fleet gear from stores in the various holdings, you will need fleet credits and often, dilithium. You can earn fleet credits by contributing to the fleet holding projects that each fleet runs as efficiently as possible. The holdings tab of the fleet window will allow you to see all the projects that are running in your fleet. But, you aren't limited to your own fleet's projects. If you take a look at the Armada Tab, you can browse all the projects that our Armada fleets are running and contribute to those as well!

The best ratio of contributions to reward come from fleet marks which you can earn just by playing the game and completing TFO's. If there are fleet items that are not available in your fleet's stores, please ask your Fleet Leaders or Officers. We have procedures in place, from holdings map invites to temporary fleet transfers that allow you access to top tier gear. This is because, again we work as a team, and we want you to maximize your enjoyment of STO while playing with us. We won't hold you back, and we wont require ridiculous amounts of resources to do that!

We appreciate everyone's efforts and contributions to the AFA member fleets, and we want you to know that your value as a member, is not measured in fleet credits. It's measured in participation, loyalty, friendship, and teamwork! Thank you all, and if you ever have a question, please let us hear from you. Leaders, and XO's can be contacted by in-game via PM, Mail, or Armada/Fleet Channels, as well as Discord Voice, DM, or Text channels.

Admiral, Nemesis Corps
Commander, Allied Fleets Assembly