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#13961828 Feb 09, 2019 at 12:48 PM · Edited over 2 years ago
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Hello Everyone:

We are seeking some graphical talent - We are hoping to continue our armada's growth, and looking for an AFA logo, and web banner. It should be scalable, and useable across multiple platforms (web, video, forum signature, etc.). Enhancing the image of our armada as a brand will help us with both promotion, and recruitment.

Everyone who makes a submission will receive a prize, with the creator of the chosen artwork receiving a Vanguard starter pack. As always, fleet officers are exempt from prizes and giveaways, but all are welcome to submit ideas.

The discord channel #afa-logo-submission available here will be used for artwork submission, and is open from 02/11/2019 until 2/25/2019 when the fleet leaders will make a final choice for the submission that best represents the AFA. Please keep the channel clear of excess chat. You are of course welcome to use emoji/reactions to indicate your favorite submissions. Thank You all! And, we look forward to seeing your wonderful, creative ideas!

Admiral, Nemesis Corps
AFA Command