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#13969590 Feb 21, 2019 at 02:33 AM
Nemesis Corps Fleet
Greeting Nemesis Corps!

Recruiting, and retention of active players is crucial for all fleets. Over the next few days, our roster numbers will be fluctuating.
This is because we are doing a purge of inactive players who have not signed in for a long time.

We try to purge unused ALT characters first, but any inactive character may be removed. NO ONE IS BEING REMOVED FOR BREAKING THE RULES,
LACK OF DONATIONS, OR BEING PERMANENTLY BANNED! ALL Characters who have been removed for being inactive are welcome to rejoin us if and when they return and
become active again. Simply reply to this mail, and we will be glad to re-invite your character, and restore your previous rank. Characters will not lose any
fleet credits earned while in Nemesis Corps.

While we are conducting this purge, we will also be actively recuiting new members to the fleet. Everyone can help with this by inviting your
friends, or family to Nemesis Corps. Remember we never do Blind Invites, always contacting players first before sending an invite to the fleet!

If you have questions, comments, or concerns please contact me, or one of the XO's.

Keep your eyes peeled and keep room in your mailbox for important messages like this. We will keep you updated on our progress during this process.
Thank you all, have fun, and see you in-game!

Admiral, Nemesis Corps
AFA Armada Command

P.S. We will do our best to honor leave of absence requests. If you think you will be away from the game for a while, but plan to return, please
get in touch with an X.O. or myself to let us know.