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#13984659 Mar 14, 2019 at 02:38 AM · Edited over 2 years ago
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Hi Nemesis Corps members,

By now everyone's heard of the recent changes to the armada. The distress caused by two former leaders in the armada, has escalated to a point where it interferes with our ability to move on and grow our community.

As you all know, the Alpha Fleet (Formerly known as Aegis Command) is setup in such a way, so that all armada leaders have a leadership role, and no single person has power, or control over any member, leader, or fleet in the armada. This structure, while not perfect, shields armada members from a single Tyrant Dictatorship (that we all know exists in this game).

This unfortunately also creates a stalemate when 2 or more leaders choose to violate the Charter, and ignore their promises and duty to do right by the entire armada. In order to minimize disruption, and petty squabbling, The armada will be reformed placing the FCA fleet (also set up as shared leadership) as the Armada's Alpha Fleet. The remaining fleets (Nemesis Corps, Expeditionary Taskforce, Mythical Legion, By Riker's Beard, Section 31 Delta Force, and Crimson Force) will occupy the other slots in the Armada. Doing this allows us to return to normal, and resume our recruiting and community building efforts together.

Make no mistake, It is not the Armada's Policy to give up the old Alpha Fleet without proper consideration, as all of us (including you, helped build it). We will maintain that fleet in a tug-of-war state, to ensure it is not misused.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please contact me by in-game mail, or on discord. Thank You.

Admiral, Nemesis Corps.