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Fleet Mail 5/10/19

Nemesis Corps Fleet Bank


I hope the upgrade weekend is going well for everyone. I wanted to pass along some info on the fleet bank. We're organizing it, and cleaning out clutter. So here are some things to consider with the fleet bank.

Fleet Bank access is granted upon each member's first promotion to Lieutenant. Each tab in the bank has permissions that set how many items can be taken or placed per day. Higher ranks, have higher permissions.

Each tab has a purpose and, we try to keep items organized into the right spots.

Please remember that the bank is an on-your-honor system. Every item in there has been generously donated by someone for use by the members. If you see an item, and wish to remove it – you are free to do so. All we ask is that you replace it. This ensures there are always lots of goodies available for everyone.

Try to refrain from filling the fleet tabs with common items. They have very little value to players and they tend to cause clutter. A better option for these inventory hogs is to recycle them, or sell to vendors. You can always donate some of that EC to the bank, where it will be a greater use.

EC – The fleet's EC is also donated by members. It allows us to be able to fund fleet upgrades, and also to purchase prizes for fleet and armada giveaways or contests.

The events tab is where prizes are stored. These are highly desirable items that we will use for various giveaways or contests. Everyone can donate, but only Rank 7 (me) can take from that tab.

If your rank permissions are too low pull out an item, or quantity of items you need – just ask. Members with bank privileges are permitted to withdraw items for you. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have questions, comments or concerns. XO's (Captain Rank or higher) are available to assist as well! Have fun, and thank you all!

Admiral, Nemesis Corp
United Fleet Operations Command
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