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#14158862 Jun 03, 2019 at 01:07 PM
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@Valyria (XO of Mythical Legion) has given us some good information to share with you
today, after you absorb it, please take some time to say thanks to all our armada XO's for their tireless dedication and assistance!

Admiral, Nemesis Corps
United Fleet Operations Command

Greetings UFO Members,
There’s been some question as to when the next featured TFO is, coupons and other information closely to this subject. Without further hesitation this is what has been announced.

Next Featured TFO: Crystalline Entity (June 6th, 2019)
Cryptics big push is to streamline processes and make things a little easier for the player base when it comes to event reputation.
New currency coming in: TFO commendations. (These will be our featured TFOs typically found in the Event Reputation.)

What does this mean?
Rather than having Crystal shards and other shards for these event projects, they are now combining them. (This does NOT count towards Winter, Summer or Anniversary ships.)

What about my slotted projects that I have been working on?
They will be automatically be completed, generously by Cryptic and will give you account wide unlock to their specific rewards. (Again, not Winter, Summer or Anniversary ships.)

TFO Coupons:
This useful currency is only available for gain during the Featured TFO events. Featured TFOs have 21 day expanses with 100 coupons the first 4 days and 50 for the remainder. You can only get coupons once per 20 hours.

For ship builds, helpful links and other great information, please join the UFO Discord!

Any questions or concerns please contact any XOs or COs :blush:
-XO Athena@Valyria [ML]