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-UFO- Armada Discord is available for all Nemesis Corps members who wish to use it. The invite link is

We do not require anyone to join up. However, we do STRONGLY suggest that you do as an enhancement to your game-play experience.
Discord is an app you can run on your computer, or on apple/android devices.
1. It is not just voice chat, text based chat is available and populated
2. News and events related to STO, Nemesis Corps, and the UFO Armada are here
3. Tips, Tricks, and Helpful Hints are available here
4. Contests, Events, Giveaways, are announced here (as well as winners)
5. Fleet & Armada members who wish to join a group, such as PvP, Roleplay, or After Dark (adults only) may do so here.
6. Fleet leaders are available 24/7 to answer questions, or provide assistance even when they aren't logged into the game!

When you sign-in, you'll be placed in the #reception room and have access to the Guest Voice channel. Be sure to let us know which fleet your main character is in so one of the XO's or Fleet Leaders, can assign a role for you, and unlock the other channels in the server.
Discord rules are the same as our fleet/armada chat channels, and there aren't many! Just don't be a jerk, but most of all Have Fun!

Admiral, Nemesis Corps
United Fleet Operations Command