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[Pinned] Join Us on Discord

-UFO- Armada Discord is available for all Nemesis Corps members who wish to use it. The invite link is do not require anyone to join up. However, we do STRONGLY suggest that you do as an enhancement to your game-play e...
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Fleet Communication Archive

[Pinned] Welcome to the Fleet

For those who have recently joined us, Welcome to Nemesis Corps. We are an active, friendly, and social fleet. We are casual, and fun, and we don't have lots of complicated rules. Details are available here:
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Fleet Communication Archive

09182019 fleet mail re: discord server

-UFO- Armada Discord is available for all Nemesis Corps members who wish to use it. The invite link is do not require anyone to join up. However, we do STRONGLY suggest that you do as an enhancement to your game-play e...
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Announcement 2019 Summer Raffle Winners!

Announcement: UFO Raffle WinnersThank you all for participating in this summers raffle event. We had a very large turnout with 126 entries. Which translates to 63,000,000 EC raised for the armada which we use to finance armada wide events such as ...
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Fleet Communication Archive

06242019 summer event announcement

The Star Trek Online Summer event is just around the corner. Join us on the vacation planet Risa from July 2nd through August 15th. The 2019 summer event features all new event store items which you can earn via daily activities (Powerboard Races,...
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fleet mail 06032019 : TFO Commendations, Coupons and other good information – Oh my!

@Valyria (XO of Mythical Legion) has given us some good information to share with youtoday, after you absorb it, please take some time to say thanks to all our armada XO's for their tireless dedication and assistance!-VitusAdmiral, Nemesis CorpsUn...
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Re: Fleet bank 05102019

Fleet Mail 5/10/19Nemesis Corps Fleet BankGreetings,I hope the upgrade weekend is going well for everyone. I wanted to pass along some info on the fleet bank. We're organizing it, and cleaning out clutter. So here are some things to consider with ...
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Fleet Communication Archive

-UFO- Armada Update. 03282019

With the re-branding of the UFO Armada, we're pleased to announce that will continue to develop and progress some much of the projects we have been working on over the past months. Since we abandoned the previous AFA Gdrive, mail account, facebo...
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Fleet Communication Archive

Nemesis Corps & Armada Update.

Hi Nemesis Corps members,By now everyone's heard of the recent changes to the armada. The distress caused by two former leaders in the armada, has escalated to a point where it interferes with our ability to move on and grow our community.As you a...
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In-active members

Greeting Nemesis Corps!Recruiting, and retention of active players is crucial for all fleets. Over the next few days, our roster numbers will be fluctuating.This is because we are doing a purge of inactive players who have not signed in for a long...
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02092019 Fleet Mail for graphic arts

Hello Everyone:We are seeking some graphical talent - We are hoping to continue our armada's growth, and looking for an AFA logo, and web banner. It should be scalable, and useable across multiple platforms (web, video, forum signature, etc.). Enh...
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Fleet Communication Archive

01242019 Hailing Frequencies Open: TO ALL AFA MEMBERS.

Hello AFA!AFA members are best-in-game, and with your help, we have continued to grow and prosper as a community. This week, we have two new fleets joining our Armada. Please take a moment to welcome the members of By Riker's Beard, and Section 31...
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01232019 Fleet Mail

All about PROMOTIONS, HOLDINGS, AND FLEET CREDITS.Every fleet in the AFA works together as a community. We are a team, and we help each other as much as possible. Questions often come up about promotions, fleet credits, and holdings management. To...
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Anniversary Event 2019 23rd to February 11th9th Anniversary Prize Vouchers can be spent on an Event Reputation project to obtain the Tier 6 Vulcan T'Pau Scou...
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AFA Armada Update 01182019

Hailing all AFA'ers!With the STO Anniversary event fast approaching (1/23/2019), we have a couple of announcements.The Mirror of Discovery update will expand on last season's Age of Discovery story, this time with the Mirror Universe! In addition ...
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01032018 Fleet Mail

Happy New Year Nemesis Corps.Thank you all for participating in the AFA Event. We had lots of fun, and gave away many prizes. I was most impressed with our members knowledge of Star Trek trivia, and STO Lore! (I'll have to come up with more diffic...
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reminder sent about the AFA Raffle, including rules, and referral to discord for more information.
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2018 AFA Winter Event

We AFA Commanders invite all to join us for our first Armada Wide Events Month.During the month of December there will be various events at different times and locations within Star Trek Online. Please consult your events tabs for more informatio...
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Fleet Mail 11/1/2018

Hello Nemesis Corps!The zen giveaway for fleet contributions has ended, T'Lissa@thunderwolf#4182 has won the 2000 zen prize with nearly half a million in contributions. Thank You T'Lissa, and congratulations! Our second prize of 2000 zen, is to be...
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Fleet Communication Archive

Fleetmail 10/26/2018

Hello Nemesis Corps;Just a quick reminder, that all members of the -AFA- armada can sign up for Zen Giveaway on the discord server. Just join the discord server and go into the Comps-and-giveaways channel and click the party horn 1 time. (multiple...
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