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Nemesis Corps Fleet Rules

Nemesis Corps Fleet

Rules of Conduct

Nemesis Corps is an open and welcoming fleet, part of a larger community within the Armada. Our members hail from all over the world and come from many varied backgrounds. Our fleet stands above others within Star Trek Online who are not as lucky to have such diversity in their ranks, as we are.

We prefer not to have lots of rules, conditions, or covenants that our members must strictly follow. However, it is necessary to have in place some code of conduct so that we may encourage and support the level of diversity we now enjoy, as well as continue to grow our community for the benefit of all.

That's simply the way they talk here. Nobody pays any attention to you unless you swear every other word.” -Adm. Kirk

Colorful metaphors are not strictly prohibited, but should be limited and used sparingly. Also, never directed at a specific player.

Dismissed. That's a Starfleet expression for 'Get Out'.” -Capt. Janeway

Harassment, discrimination, or bullying any player in the game, is not only expressly prohibited within the fleet, and armada, but also a violation of Star Trek Online's TOS. Anyone who is guilty of violating this provision, may be immediately dismissed from the fleet, and/or black-listed within the Armada.

  • Discussion of politics, religion, and sex in public forums is also expressly prohibited and is also grounds for dismissal.

  • Any action taken to remove and/or ban a player from the fleet, applies to the player's account, not a single character.

His work record is exemplary, but as you know, a starship captain is not manufactured-he, or she is born from inside-from the character of the individual”-Cmdr. Riker

Promotions within Nemesis Corps indeed have a basis in contributions to the fleet. However, contributions are not solely measured by donations to fleet holdings. Contributing to the fleet can take many forms, including but not limited to participating in fleet/armada events, assisting other players within the fleet, and armada. Being an ambassador for, and building rapport within our community. Seniority, loyalty, and teamwork all weigh as much as fleet marks.

It never hurts to suck up to the boss.”-Quark

The fleet bank and it's contents are available to every member of the fleet, as an “on-your-honor” basis.

Here are a few guidelines for the bank:

  • If there is an item, or set of items that you would like, all you need to do is ask. The ability to withdraw items increases with rank. Those who have rank & privilege are permitted to withdraw items on behalf of another player within the fleet. Almost all items in the various bank slots have been donated by generous players who want to help you. We hope you will respond in kind by depositing items a player (especially new players) may find useful. This ensures a steady supply of useful items, and shows respect for our fellow fleetmates.

  • With regard to EC, the amount of EC in the fleet bank fluctuates wildly at times, as it's purpose is to enable the fleet to provide small (and sometimes large) loans to our loyal fleet members. It is also used to purchase highly desirable items from the Exchange as prizes for various contests, promotions, and events within the Fleet and Armada. Again, this is an on-your-honor system, and we hope you will repay what you borrow in kind.

There is a loneliness inherent in that whisper from the darkness.”-Capt. Picard

Discord is available to all members of every fleet within the armada. The link is: Here.

It features voice channels, as well as text chat, for a variety of topics important to our members. Additionally it enables access to channels dedicated to the many specialized groups within the armada such as Teams, PvP, DPS, Roleplay, etc. It is also a direct line of communication with Fleet Leaders within the armada, in-game, and out.

  • While it is not required, it is strongly suggested that players join in order to take advantage of the enhanced game-play the discord provides. There are occasional discord exclusive contests, promotions, and giveaways as well.

Keep in mind that the Discord is a separate method of communication from in-game chat, which brings us to In-Game Communication:

Is anybody out there?”......”Yes.”-Lt. Cmdr. Data, and Sarjenka

Unencumbered, communication between fleet command, and our fleetmates is essential to the smooth operation of the fleet. The same goes for communication between the fleet and the armada. When you join Nemesis Corps, you will have two default chat channels available in your chat window. They are the Fleet Channel, and the Armada Channel (right-click in the chatbar to change between them).

  • The fleet channel is used for matters related to the fleet only, or semi-private communication between fleet members. Chats in the fleet channel cannot be seen by members of the armada.

  • The armada channel is used for general socializing, and armada wide communication or announcements. The majority of activity will take place in this channel.

  • Keep in mind that the default colors for fleet and armada chat are both green, you may want look at your chat settings to customize the text colors, and make it easier to distinguish one from the other.

Players are not required to participate in chat, but there are limits to this. Firstly we ask that everyone kindly welcome new members to the fleet and/or armada when and if you are able to in the armada channel. Secondly, ignoring communication from any command officer in the fleet, or armada directed at your character in any channel, PM (private message), or in-game mail, will get you a warning. Repeated incidences are grounds for dismissal. Its understandable that you may be busy actually playing the game, and we don't want to interrupt that, but you must respond to command communication as soon as it is practical to do so. We also understand that some of you may be chat shy, and we can only assure you that our members are friendly, helpful, and kind. If you reach out to them, they will reach back, and you just might make a new friend.