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(Jun 17, 2020)
Welcome McVittie's Marauders, and the Forgotten Renegades to the UFO Family!
(Jun 11, 2020)
== Important Links == Armada Website: Armada YouTube Channel: Discord invite Link: Nemesis Corps Fleet Rules:
(Nov 30, 2019)
Q's Winter Wonderland starts December 3rd. Join us for fun, games, contests, and terrible jokes. You can even win prizes!
(Jul 18, 2019)
Welcome The N17 Fleet to the UFO Armada!
(Jun 24, 2019)
2019 Summer event is nearly here! July 2nd - August 15th. Grab your updated T6 Risian Corvette and join us for exclusive events for UFO Armada Members!
(Mar 25, 2019)
The AFA has now become the United Fleet Operations, (UFO). Our fleets are recruiting, so join us today!
(Feb 11, 2019)
Hola All you wonderful Nemesis comrades! :)
(Jan 22, 2019)
Anniversary Event Starts tomorrow 1/23/19. & Roleplay group now forming!
(Jan 01, 2019)
Happy 2019! We look forward to seeing you all in-game!
(Dec 19, 2018)
The Elachi Return. Starting 8AM on 12/20/2018. Bonus Marks event -
(Dec 14, 2018)
The Mirror Escort Carrier [T6] is an all-new starship being added to the Infinity Lock Box
(Dec 07, 2018)
Q's winter wonderland is active. Check your event tab in-game for armada events, and giveaways.
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